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UwMic9 KIT4

UHF Wireless Handheld Microphone Kit (RX9+HU9)

The UwMic9 KIT4 is a professional handheld wireless system comprising of a broadcast quality handheld microphone transmitter and a shoe mount dual wireless receiver.

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The Saramonic UwMic9 KIT4 (RX9+HU9) is a portable, dual-channel, camera-mountable UHF handheld wireless microphone system that has powerful features which greatly exceed the capabilities of competing systems that cost over double the price. The included dual-channel RX9 receiver gives you the ability to run two separate wireless microphones by adding an additional transmitter, such as a second HU9 handheld microphone (sold separately). This system is perfect for DSLRs, video cameras or portable audio recorders for capturing interviews, film dialog, field recording, broadcast TV, news gathering, vlogging, YouTube videos and more. Both components feature sturdy metal construction and deliver clear, broadcast-quality sound in a low-cost package.

The UwMic9 is remarkably easy to use. It works right out of the box. You just turn on the power and go. It utilizes the UHF (Ultra High Frequency) spectrum, which helps you avoid interference, and its 863-865 MHz range sllows licence free operation. An automatic-scan feature locates the best available channel for you if needed, and the infrared synchronization makes the process a snap. Easy-to-read backlit LCD displays let you make quick adjustments to the intuitive menus in the brightest or darkest environments.

The included ultra-compact RX9 portable receiver features a dedicated headphone output, enabling real-time audio monitoring if your camera lacks a headphone jack. Two locking 1/8 (3.5mm) mini-plug and XLR output cables are both included so you can use the UwMic9 with DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, cinema cameras, camcorders, professional video cameras, audio recorders, mixers and more.

The HU9 transmitter features durable metal construction with integrated antenna in the body of the mic for a clean appearance. The exterior of the HU9 has only one button which makes operating it extremely easy. The combo mute/power button can be locked with a switch hidden inside the body to prevent the person holding the mic from accidentally muting, changing the channel or turning it off. An easy-to-read backlit LCD display clearly shows the remaining battery life, mute status, and the group and its operating channel. A protective ring around the perimeter of the grill prevents the HU9 from rolling when resting on flat surfaces.

The HU9 transmitter also features a selectable RF power output. The Low setting lets you extend battery life in situations where the subject is close to the receiver. The High setting is useful when the subject is going to be further away, or when youre using the HU9 in an environment with more potential interference.

The UwMic9 system is also expandable with unrivaled flexibility. The compact, dual-channel RX9 receiver gives you the ability to run two separate wireless microphones anytime by just adding an additional optional transmitter (sold separately). Optional output cables are also available. They make it possible to add an additional wireless handheld microphone, a belt-pack transmitter with lavalier or a wireless plug-on transmitter, and to connect the RX9 receiver to smartphones, tablets, computers, GoPro cameras and more. The UwMic9 KIT4 (RX9+HU9) is a high-quality system with professional features, excellent sound quality, and an unbeatable budget-friendly price.

  • Broadcast-quality UHF wireless handheld microphone system with a dual-channel camera-mountable portable receiver you can easily expand by adding a second transmitter
  • Easy-to-use and works right out of the box with plug-and-play operation
  • Included cardioid handheld microphone that rejects unwanted sounds from the sides and rear and provides rich and detailed sound quality
  • Durable all-metal construction with easy-to-read backlit LCD displays on every component
  • Offers up to 330-foot (100m) operating distance with auto-scan feature finds the best channels for you and infrared makes it easy to sync channels

  • Reliable, broadcast-quality audio
  • 863 MHz 865 MHz
  • 96 selectable channels in 2 groups
  • Headphone monitoring
  • Easy-to-read LCD displays
  • Over 330-feet (100m) in open areas or 200-feet (60m) with obstacles
  • Broadcast quality handheld microphone transmitter
  • Optional body-pack and XLR transmitters for different applications